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A Big Thank You

The creation of this website is due to the kindness of two individuals and we owe them a huge THANK YOU.  First, to Dr. Mike at Planet Chiropractic.  Dr. Mike has encouraged me to bring content related to our Sacramento chiropractic office to the masses via blogging.  To that end, he has suggested that I learn WP and opened my creative mind to learning.  He also introduced me to Don Campbell at Chiropractor2Web via his blog.  Don’s chiropractic WP theme was the vehicle by which we could build this site easily and with little to no frustration.  Our objective is to get great information to our Sacramento area patients and their friends about chiropractic from our Sacramento chiropractor, Dr. Jeri Anderson, in a way that our other websites do not easily allow.  A big shout out to Dr. Mike and Don!

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