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Are Soft Drinks Good For You? New Cancer Study Says No!

Researchers found an 87% increased risk in developing deadly pancreatic cancer from subjects consuming 2 or more soft drinks per week. Wow! Just so you know, the 5 year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is a mere 5%. Interestingly, although researchers speculate that the increased sugar from soft drinks is detrimental to the pancreas, those that consumed fruit juice did not have the same risk as those consuming soft drinks. Fruit juices have high sugar contents as well, so logic would tell us that there must be something else involved with soft drinks. This study followed over 60,000 subjects over 14 years…that’s significant.

Chiropractors have long advocated a healthy diet, free of soft drinks. I cannot recall the last time I tasted a soft drink. The thought of one makes me sick! Soft drinks are bad for you in many, many ways, more than one blog post can explain.  You would have to be hiding under a rock somewhere not to have figured out that soft drinks aren’t healthy. Perhaps this new cancer study will help a few change their habits.  Want the most bang for your buck? Drink water, filtered preferably! When asked, I always recommend Multi-Pure water filters. I’ve used Multi-Pure filters for years; and, no I don’t receive any money from Multi-Pure for recommending them!

Dr. Jeri Anderson, Chiropractor Sacramento

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