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Eliminate Sacramento Lower Back Pain With Four Powerful Steps

We see a lot of patients complaining of lower back pain in our Sacramento Chiropractic office and we are no different than most other Sacramento healthcare offices. Low back pain is the second leading reason that patients visit a doctor’s office. In case you were wondering, the common cold edges out lower back pain for the number one reason patients see a doctor.

Lower Back Pain Is Painful To The Wallet As Well As The Body

Besides painful, another word can describe low back pain: expensive. Low back pain is the most costly health condition affecting healthcare today. Lower back pain is also the leading work-related injury expense to employers. Low back pain is also the top reason for lost days of work. Even if you don’t yourself have lower back pain, you are paying for it in insurance premiums that are directly related to overall healthcare costs related to low back pain.

The Nature Of Low Back Pain

Sadly, once a person has an incapacitating episode of lower back pain, they are extremely likely to have future episodes of lower back pain for the rest of their life. Low back pain tends to be repetitive in nature; meaning that it comes back again and again and again!

Often our Sacramento patients will say “Doc it was really painful and then it just slowly went away and I’ve been fine since. Now, for no apparent reason, the same pain has returned.” In reality, the problem was never corrected. Symptoms are a poor measure of function. Lack of symptoms is a poor predictor of future problems. If you wake up in the morning with a severe toothache and need a root canal, did you get the cavity the night before? Obviously not, the cavity and infection were a destructive process that took time to develop and manifest themselves. Lower back pain is often similar to the cavity example.

The Ultimate Question To Ask Yourself About Back Pain

For those of us that are old enough to remember vinyl, back pain is like a record with a scratch on it. The record plays really great until it hits the scratch, then the same problem happens all over again! As we often tell our Sacramento chiropractic patients: “You must get to the root of the problem and fix it, not mask it.”

The question to ask yourself is: Do you want to go to the dentist to have a check-up and spot problems early (before you are aware that you have them), or would you rather wait for the emergency root canal? Which is more preferable to you? Which is more expensive? Which is more painful? The same is true for back pain. When do you want to address the problem: in crisis or in prevention?

How Can We Lessen or Eliminate Lower Back Pain?

Although low back pain sufferers often describe chronic, nagging, constant pain; reducing low back pain complaints is often easier than one may think. In our Sacramento chiropractic practice, we often take a four prong approach: correcting the underlying problem, educating the patient, developing a simple home care rehab program, and teaching improved overall health habits.

Four Powerful Steps To Help Low Back Pain

First, address the root cause of the lower back pain. Drugs mask low back pain; they don’t correct the underlying problem. See a chiropractor for a chiropractic evaluation of low back pain. Chiropractors are trained to look for the cause of the pain and correct the cause. Lower back pain is a complex mixture of nerve dysfunction, muscle control and coordination dysfunction, disc dysfunction and joint dysfunction. Chiropractic training is superior for addressing these issues over medical training.

Second, learn the aggravating factors that contribute to the problem. It’s the simple things that you do in everyday life that can destroy a low back slowly over time and then perpetuate the problem endlessly. For example, how you get in and out of a chair, how you lift, bend and reach, how you vacuum, sitting postures, how you sleep, how most of your day is spent activity-wise, what time of day you maximally exert yourself, your hydration levels, etc.

In our Sacramento chiropractic practice, we address these aggravating factors through educating our patients. Sacramento chiropractor, Dr. Jeri Anderson, teaches a class called Spinal University (SM) that addresses the most common ways in which patients aggravate and/or injure their lower backs through poor everyday habits.

Third, learn targeted rehabilitation exercises for the particular type of low back problem that you have. Often patients will tell me that they have been exercising and “it makes the pain worse” or “exercise hasn’t kept the pain from returning”. In reality, most patients and many healthcare practitioners do not have a clue as to what types of exercises will rehabilitate the injured low back without aggravating the problem. Many times the very exercises given to a low back pain patient are contributing to the problem!

Lower back pain rehabilitation begins with a proper diagnosis and thorough understanding of the underlying problem. Only then, can the correct rehab exercises be given to the patient. Work with a chiropractor that is trained in exercise and rehabilitation protocols for low back pain, and also demonstrates excellent diagnostic skills.

Fourth, practice great health habits. Eat well. Mom was right: you are what you eat! Exercise. Movement is the manifestation of life. Besides circulating blood and oxygen, movement also circulates the fluids in your spinal discs. Speaking of fluid in your discs, hydrate yourself by drinking adequate amounts of water each day. Manage stress. Low back pain is a barometer for stress, often presenting itself during the most challenging times in life. Finally, keep a positive attitude. Ultimately, we can’t control everything that comes at us in life, but we can control our response to it. Read positive affirmations daily.

If you are suffering from back pain, contact Capitol Chiropractic in Sacramento, CA at (916) 368-1600 for evaluation and care.

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