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Epigenetics: What You Think About You Bring About

Turns out that thinking positive thoughts and hanging around like-minded people is a very powerful aspect of healing. In other words, what you think about you bring about. Epigenetics is a new area of study into the biology of belief, lead by cutting-edge cell biologist, Bruce Lipton, PhD.

Epigenetics is fascinating. The prevailing thought for years has been that we are controlled by our genes. The thought was that we essentially express our genetic code. Dr. Lipton’s research has demonstrated that our thoughts and the thoughts of those around us, control our genes. Our thoughts control what our genes express by turning genes on and off. Wow, the implications of this discovery are huge!

Most of us are aware of the placebo effect, that is that healings sometime occur by the power of positive suggestion. What we have failed to consider is the nocebo effect, that is how our negative thoughts impact our health. Dr. Lipton gives us an eye-opening example in his blogpost called The Nature of Dis-Ease:

“Japanese children allergic to a poison ivy-like plant took part in an experiment where a leaf of the poisonous plant was rubbed onto one forearm. As a control, a nonpoisonous leaf resembling the toxic plant was rubbed on the other forearm. As expected almost all of the children broke out in a rash on the arm rubbed with the toxic leaf and had no response to the imposter leaf.

What the children did not know was that the leaves were purposefully mislabeled. The negative thought of being touched by the poisonous plant led to the rash produced by the nontoxic leaf! In the majority of cases, no rash resulted from contact with the toxic leaf that was thought to be the harmless control. The conclusion is simple: positive perceptions enhance health, and negative perceptions precipitate dis-ease. This mind-bending example of the power of belief was one of the founding experiments that led to the science of psychoneuroimmunology.”

With respect to the power of positive thinking on overall health, here’s a great affirmation to say to yourself each day: I am happy, I am healthy and I feel terrific!

Below are a couple of Dr.Lipton’s videos. I hope you enjoy them!

-Dr. Jeri Anderson, Sacramento Chiropractor

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