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Freedom is a very powerful word. Freedom is the ability to exercise choice. Freedom is also the capacity to engage in certain actions without interference. The concept and principles of freedom are enormous; countries have been founded on it, societies run by it and wars have been fought over it. Chiropractic care shares many similarities with the definitions that are mentioned above because it offers freedom for people who choose to use it. 

Most people think of chiropractic care as a natural treatment of an ache or an injury, the freedom from pain. This can be valuable to the person suffering from discomfort. It allows them to resume their normal activities, return to work or sleep through the night. They can do their housework, earn the money they need to support their family or have energy throughout their day. When the pain is no longer there, normal routines return. 

People who chose regular chiropractic care enjoy freedom of movement. Their spines and nervous systems become stronger over time. This allows them the opportunity to use their body as it was designed. This means that many people can do things they haven’t been able to do. Grandparents are able to pick up their grandchildren; people can ski for a whole day or complete a full round of golf. As the movement returns to the body, their quality of life improves. 

When health returns to the spine and nervous system, other people enjoy freedom from medications. For some, they no longer have to take antacids to relieve ulcer discomfort. Others can cut back on blood pressure pills, or they no longer need them. The overall health of the individual improves. The body is able to use what it already has on the inside. It doesn’t need chemical help from the outside. 

The most powerful aspect of lifetime chiropractic care is the freedom from fear. This is the knowledge that your body is capable of standing up to what challenges the environment may throw at you. You know that you have the best doctor in the world working inside of you. You can rely only on yourself for health. When the media talks about the latest virus being reported in your area, rather than feeling threatened, you resolve to keep your immune system primed with good nutrition, restful sleep, regular exercise, reducing and purging the stress in your life and receiving regular chiropractic tune-ups. 

Regular chiropractic care offers many benefits to those who choose to use it. Less pain, more mobility, a stronger immune system and a higher quality of life, just to mention a few. That’s Freedom – Chiropractic Style.

-Author Unknown

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