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How to Find A Chiropractor

Recently, Sacramento chiropractor, Dr. Jeri Anderson, of Capitol Chiropractic was contacted by one of her patients on holiday in Cape Town, South Africa. The patient needed a referral to a chiropractor in Cape Town.  No problem, within minutes Dr. Jeri had contact information for two different chiropractors in Cape Town sent to her patient.  How does a chiropractor in Sacramento, CA have access to trusted chiropractors on the other side of the world?  Simple, Dr. Jeri has practiced chiropractic over 20 years, belongs to several chiropractic organizations and networks, and has meet loads of great chiropractors both giving and attending chiropractic lectures worldwide.  This exposure has given Dr. Jeri tremendous resources from which to draw from when finding a chiropractor outside the greater Sacramento, CA area.  This is of great benefit to our patients.  For example, Dr. Jeri recently had a patient suffer a severe low back injury while traveling on business in the Baltimore, MD area.  Dr. Jeri was able to arrange care for that patient by an excellent Baltimore chiropractor the same day.   On two different occassions Dr. Jeri has arranged follow-up care for patients relocating to the Denver, CO area with Dr. Steve Visentin, a very respected Denver chiropractor

How do you go about finding a chiropractor?  First of all, ask for referrals.  Second, if you cannot secure a trusted word-of-mouth referral, here are a few resources:

International Chiropractors Association Doctor Locator

International Pediatric Chiropractic Association Doctor Locator

Activator Chiropractic Methods Find A Doctor

Schofield Chiropractic Training Doctor Referral

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