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How Will You Live Your Golden Years?

I always tell patients to think about how you would like your life to be at 85 and then work backwards to make sure that it happens that way. In other words, it’s the choices that you make today that affect your life in the years ahead. Health is not a destination on a road map that, once we reach it, we can put our feet up and say we’ve been there! Health is something that we build and maintain every single day of our lives. Every day our bodies reach a fork in the road and our cells can regenerate or degenerate. The choices that we made that day determine which fork in the road our body takes. Always look at the basics of health:

  • Diet- Are your food choices building you up or tearing you down? Does an apple build you up or tear you down? How about a diet soda, candy bar, french fries, etc?
  • Exercise- Bodies are made to move. Try to get 30 minutes of exercise daily. Make it simple so that you will do it. Walking is a great start.
  • Hydration- Sadly, most people do not even drink enough water each day. Want more energy? Give up soft drinks, sugar-added fruit juices and caffinated beverages and drink water instead.
  • Breathe- Have you even bothered to take four deep breaths today? Give it a try, your physiology will thank you for it.
  • Prayer/Meditation/Positive Thoughts- The world is full of negative headlines, how about taking a few moments each day to center yourself, give thanks and acknowlege your blessings?
  • Laugh- Laughter really is the best medicine because it releases stress, allows your body to produce endorphins and it just feels good! It’s really the only medicine we should strive for.
  • Chiropractic- Get adjusted, health is about nerve energy flow. When nerve energy flow is unrestricted, we express health. When it’s restricted, we express di-ease, dysfunction and/or disrepair. Don’t believe me? Try cutting a nerve and see how that works out for you!

Here is a great video that I stumbled across. Not only is it funny, it is also a great example of senior citizens enjoying their golden years.


Dr. Jeri Anderson, Chiropractor Sacramento

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