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“I’ve Never Taken A Medication In My Life”

These are the words of Dr. Kathy McAuliffe, Columbia, IL chiropractor, and her daughter Kara (a chiropractor in the making). Not one pill, not one potion derived from a drug company in their lifetimes. Think about it…born at home, not one aspirin, not one ibuprofen during their entire time here on earth! WOW! Now that is absolute health, naturally. Dr. Kathy is a third generation chiropractor, who describes it this way: “When I was a child, my Dad’s chiropractic office was in the basement of our home (this is common in the midwest and east coast). When we didn’t feel well, we just went downstairs to Dad’s office and he adjusted us. We always felt better and stayed healthy that way!”

When in alignment, the power within us, that made us, keeps us healthy. You know, that force that took you from two cells to trillions. Your Mom didn’t need a book to learn how to take you from two cell to trillions when you were in utero…her body already had that one figured out! Innate, inborn intelligence. Of course, part of the McAuliffe Family Chiropractic lifestyle is to eat healthy as well. How can you regenerate healthy cells when you don’t give your body anything healthy to make those cells with? Come on now, you have to throw your body a bone in terms of giving it good nutrients to build a strong, healthy body with!

Restoring nerve energy flow (chiropractic care) and good nutrients (diet) are a powerful one-two punch for getting healthy and staying healthy! Enjoy this video interview with Dr. Kathy, a chiropractor that Sacramento,CA chiropractor, Dr. Jeri Anderson has the utmost respect for. She is a chiropractor’s chiropractor! It is really fascinating to learn what ultimate health is.  Listen for yourself!

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