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Keeping Score

What would happen if you went to a Sacramento King’s game and nobody bothered to keep score? You would probably initially enjoy watching the game of basketball and the pure athleticism, but you would soon get bored. Without keeping score it becomes a matter of watching players run up and down the court without any of your emotions behind it. 

Going through life without keeping score is kind of the same way. We get bored and off track. We wander without meaningfully moving forward and we don’t experience as much joy. 

How do you keep score? Well, like most things in life, the easier you make it the more likely you are to routinely get it done. At Capitol Chiropractic, we make it simple for you to keep score of the things that matter to you. We have yearly planning calendars available for you every day in our office. These calendars display the entire year on one page. 

Now, here’s how we do it: Let’s say that you want to lose 20 pounds. Each day that you eat correctly you make a check mark on the calendar that day. Perhaps you also want to form the habit of regular exercise. Mark off each day on another calendar that you exercise. (We print lots of calendars, so don’t be shy. Take what you need!) 

Success builds upon success. Each time you mark your good habits off on the calendar it feels good. It also motivates you to keep doing the right things by keeping score. Perhaps it’s a cold morning and you don’t want to get up an exercise. Oh wait, now you’re lying there thinking about that ugly blank space on the scorecard. Bet you get your fanny out of bed easier than if you didn’t keep score! 

Now put the beautiful scorecard up somewhere that you can admire it each day and you will further reinforce your good habits. 

Before you know it, you will have lost the weight and formed the habit of exercising or whatever you goal may be!

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