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Lower Back Pain? What’s The Cause? How Do You Get Rid of It Sacramento?

Lower back pain is the most common spinal complaint voiced by our Sacramento patients. There are many different reasons that patients experience this type of discomfort. Let’s have a look at some of the most common causes of lower back pain and steps for getting rid of it in Sacramento.

Three areas that we look at closely in evaluating lower back pain in our Sacramento patients are:

First and foremost, spinal disc injuries can cause lower back pain. Although disc injuries can cause severe and immediate symptoms; spinal disc injuries are usually an evolving process that take place over months or years. Degenerating spinal discs can also cause chronic soreness. Poor posture, being out of shape, poor ergonomics and being overweight can all contribute to the development of back pain and/or spinal disc injuries.

Few of our Sacramento area patients know what a lumbar facet joint is, but many are suffering from lower back pain that is caused by facet joint dysfunction in their spine. Facet joints are small joints that connect two spinal segments together. There are two joints at each connection level (left and right) and they are located in the rear portion of the spine. These delicate joints can become pinched together (imbricated) and produce severe nagging back complaints. Often facet joint problems can mimic disc pain in severity and can also radiate symptoms into the legs.

Sacroiliac joints are the joints that connect the bones of the pelvic ring together (left ilium, right ilium and sacrum). Dysfunction of the sacroliac joints can also cause lower back pain. Sacroiliac joints can be injured during pregnancy and often cause back pain after birth as well. Sacroiliac joints are also affected by a leg that is shorter on one side, causing alterations in the normal gait pattern that produce back complaints.

How do you get rid of low back pain in Sacramento? Clearly, one must first figure out what are of the spine is causing the problem (disc, facet joint, sacroiliac joints, etc). A chiropractor is a spinal specialist that is specifically trained to carefully evaluate the spine. Start with a chiropractic evaluation and care. Chiropractic has been found to be more effective in the care of neck and lower back pain. If you are in the Sacramento, CA area, call Sacramento chiropractor Dr. Jeri Anderson at 916-368-1600.

Next, get educated and learn about what you can do to help the healing process. Here are Four Powerful Steps to Eliminate Lower Back Pain. Sacramento area readers can also attend Capitol Chiropractic’s well regarded back care class, by registering at 916-368-1600.

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