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Dr. Jeri Anderson, DC, CSCS, CCSP, CCST

I have been a chiropractor for over twenty years.  Wow, time does fly!   Along the way, I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of patients, many of whom thought they could not be helped.  Some of my patients have traveled to my office in their private helicopter, while others have had no transportation and simply walked.  Some of my patients have made national news headlines and some have literally, and figuratively, had no voice.  I love to take care of all people, all patients with the same level of concern and detail.

It is magical to be a part of the body’s healing process.  Chiropractic turns the power of your body’s healing mechanism on.  Like flipping a switch to health.  I absolutely love being a Doctor of Chiropractic and love practicing here in Sacramento.  (Actually, I was born and raised in Sacramento and have a large family here.)

I graduated in 1986 from Life Chiropractic College-West with academic honors and also received a prestigious honor called the Clinical Excellence Citation.  I also received the Herbert Botterman Scholarship from the California Chiropractic Association.  I’ve have completed hundreds (if not thousands!) of hours in post-graduate education and have completed several advanced certifications.  I have also received several honors as well.  Here is a list of highlights:

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At Your Service,

Dr. Jeri