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More Exciting News About Omega-3 Health Benefits

The February 13, 2010 issue of Science News contains an interesting article describing two studies in which the benefits of omega-3 from fish oil were simply outstanding.

In the first study, critically ill persons were given Omega-3 while recovering from sepsis (a very serious illness). Although an equal number of people died in both the Omega-3 and control groups, the hospital stay was 28 days for the fish oil group and 82 days for the controls. The theory offered was that the oils decreased the inflammation and allowed better oxygen processing by patients.

A second study included in the article indicated that robust levels of omega-3 from fish oil protect the ends of the chromosomes (telomeres) from damage, which protects against age-related diseases.

How do you want to age? In sickness or in health? Take your fish oil daily!

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