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Nutrition Crisis: Kids Are The Canaries In The Coal Mine

When I first watched this video I was absolutely horrified. Did you ever think that first grade children would not be able to identify basic vegetables? Here’s the problem: so much of our food supply today is either fast food or highly processed food, kids don’t even know where the food comes from! They can’t even identify the basic plants. Kids are in essence, the canaries in the coal mine of our nutritional crisis.

This reminds me of a I story that I read on NPR about a brilliant gentleman that had the idea to plow up abandoned and/or vacant lots in inner-city Detroit and teach the residents to plant gardens. The fresh produce from the gardens was sold at a local farmers market. The problem was that it was difficult to increase the attendance at the farmer’s market because people of inner-city Detroit did not know how to cook/fix/or prepare the vegetables!

Within a few generations, basic whole food preparation skills were gone from families. Dietary habits are passed down generationally. Because fast foods became convenient, they became a staple of the diet and whole food preparation skills became extinct from the diet in these inner-city neighborhoods.

Here’s the irony: many Detroit neighborhoods do not even have a grocery store, yet fast food outlets are plentiful and within walking distance. Fast food is cheap and easy to come by, so it becomes a staple of the diet. Too bad it is full of empty calories that lack basic nutrients!

By the way, these problems are not limited to the Detroit area alone, we have a nutritional crisis across America.

One of the best protections against cancer, heart attacks and strokes (our top cuases of death) is a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s time to get back to basics. Instead of spending a fortune on vitamin supplements, we should be getting our nutrients from our food. When those occassions arise that we need to supplement our diets, we should use whole food supplements.

Thankfully, living in Sacramento, CA, we can all enjoy fresh vegetables with our excellent climate here!  Plant a garden! Live in an apartment? How about joining a community garden or planting vegetables in small containers?

I have posted a wonderful book on the subject of America’s nutritional meltdown and the value of whole foods below.  Enjoy!

Dr. Jeri Anderson, Sacramento Chiropractor

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