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Selling Drugs Like Chewing Gum

Over 30 years ago Merck’s CEO, Harry Gadsden, said in an interview with Fortune Magazine that he was bummed that selling drugs was limited to sick people. He wanted Merck to be like Wrigley’s chewing gum and “sell to everyone”. Harry wanted to make drugs for, and sell to, healthy people.

Thus, Big Pharma has marketed in that direction and recorded record profits. Ironically, Americans now take more prescription drugs than ever, yet are now the unhealthiest in history! Wow, billions of dollars of slick marketing really work! 

Just for the record, drugs are not nutrients that prevent disease. Drugs have serious and often dangerous side effects. Whole foods and healthy lifestyles actually prevent disease. Let’s not lose perspective! Believe it or not, there are people that have even considered putting drugs in drinking water! The FDA has recently approved a drug for use in people that have no health problem to correct.

Here is an awesome parody of this ridiculous line of thinking:

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