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Back Pain

“40% of Americans who seek treatment for low back pain go to a chiropractor”
American Journal of Public Health (May 1998)

“Patients with chronic back pain are twice as satisfied with chiropractic care than medical care”
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (May 2000)

Back pain is the number one reason that so many people seek chiropractic care. Modern chiropractic is scientifically proven to help most types of back pain safely. In fact, most patients with back pain rate chiropractic to be highly effective. As a chiropractor, it is very gratifying to be able to help so many people suffering from back pain lead better lives with a safe, effective and cost-efficient solution for their pain.

-Dr. Jeri Anderson, Sacramento Chiropractor


“When I First Came In I Could Not Walk”

“I was injured at work and have a lower back injury. When it flares up it is hard to walk and move in a usual manner.


I had an MRI, Physical Therapy, and bad Chiropractic care at another office.


My father-in-law, Bob King referred me to Dr. Jeri. When I first came in I could not walk. Beth came out with the office chair to get me, and then I was in a wheel chair for the next week.


I am very pleased. I was able to walk after one week of care and am improving daily. I really like your office and the treatment I have received.”


Ernest Butler




“This Happened To Be The Best Decision I’ve Made In A Long, Long Time”


I grew up in a very athletic environment and was very active in sports all my life.  I played adult soccer until the age of 40, water skied, snow skied, and a couple of years ago was introduced to golf.  Years ago I injured my knee while snow skiing and that was the beginning of my downfall.  I avoided knee surgery for years until I had no other alternative.  Once my knee was fixed, I then had to deal with my uneven hips, muscle atrophy and pain in the low back which was a result of favoring my bad knee for all that time.  My oldest son met a young woman who noticed my lopsided walk and the pain on my face every time I got up to walk anywhere.  She kept telling me about this Chiropractor that she sees and, at that time, I was not open to such treatment.  She kept on me and FINALLY I agreed to one visit just to get this young girl off my “back”.   This happened to be the best decision I have made in a long, long time.  From the first adjustment I noticed a good deal of relief in my tailbone area. I was able to go to work and sit at my desk and concentrate on my work instead of my pain.   I have gradually been able to start walking with my co-workers again and participate in an exercise program on a daily basis with no pain and, yes, I have found my metabolism again.  The combination of your treatment and information learned in your health classes have helped me to begin to lose those pounds.  I sleep through the night with no pain. At the end of the day, I can go home and “stand upright” in my kitchen and enjoy preparing dinner for my family pain free.  I have hopes that I will be back on the golf course some day soon. 


I am proud to say that this lovely young girl will soon be my daughter-in-law in a couple of weeks and I plan on enjoying their special day and dancing through the night PAIN FREE.


I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your talent, wisdom, and your staff.  Your welcoming environment makes it a pleasure to visit every week.  Thank you SO MUCH for caring as much as you do for others.   You’re a great inspiration. 


Have a great day.


Sandy Helwig    




“No Better Care Than Here”


I came to Capitol Chiropractic with a stiff neck and lower back pain. Sometimes with my neck or lower back I could hardly move or get out of bed in the morning. Usually, Advil helps, but there were times when nothing would help. A good friend back home gave me a list before moving out to Sacramento, CA and Dr. Jeri was at the top of the list. Since seeing Dr. Jeri everything is better.  Dr. Jeri is #1.  The location of the office is great and the staff is always friendly and helpful. There is no better care than here at Capitol Chiropractic!

-SSG Chapman







 ”Everyone in the Sacramento Area Should Come See Dr. Jeri”


When I first came to Capitol Chiropractic my lower back hurt really bad when I bent down, and especially when I twisted to the right. I felt like an 80 year old man, though I am only in my forties! I went to other chiropractors, but they made my back hurt worse. A friend, Debbie, told me about Dr. Jeri and how nice her office is. Now my pain is gone and I don’t even think about it anymore. I have my life and my smile back! Everybody is so happy to be at Capitol Chiropractic. I like all the staff. I recommend Dr. Jeri 1,000%! Everyone in the Sacramento area should come and see Dr. Jeri.


-Wilson Duc Pham