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Bulging Disc & Slipped Disc

Here in Sacramento and Rancho Cordova we see so many patients with herniated discs or bulging discs. Chiropractic helps restore more normal motion and position of the bones in the spine. In addition there are certain chiropractic techniques which help relieve pain from specific disc conditions like a ruptured disc, disc herniation, or protruded disc. 

While chiropractic has helped many people with pain caused by slipped discs, both large and small, we respect that disc conditions are often slow to heal and sometimes difficult to treat. Modern Chiropractic techniques are often effective in helping patients recover from the pain associated with bulging discs or herniated discs while avoiding the risks and/or side-effects associated with medications, surgery or epidural injections.

 -Dr. Jeri Anderson, Sacramento Chiropractor 


Avoided Neck Fusion Surgery

“My name is Mike. I’m 40 years old in April of 2006 and I first met Dr. Jeri and her wonderful staff in July of 2005.  I had suffered a bad disc rupture in my neck in November of 2004. I was left with very little use of my right arm for months. After meeting with the Spine Surgeon in April of ‘05 and having an MRI done on the affected area, he stated that I was “an excellent candidate for “Neck Fusion Surgery”. At the time I was for anything that could help me.

I have been a weight lifter for many years and was willing to do anything that would allow me to get back into the gym.  I was scheduled for surgery in July ’05 and just days before my scheduled surgery, I happened to mention it to a friend who implored me to first go and see Dr. Jeri. Her words to me were, “Mike please don’t have surgery until you first meet with Dr. Jeri and see what she has to say. Dr. Jeri has done so much for me and many others I know. We call her the Miracle Worker.”  

Somewhat reluctantly I agreed to make an appointment with Dr. Jeri. I was looking forward to the surgery because I was looking so forward to having full use of my arm again and going to see another chiropractor just sounded like I was wasting my time. (The Chiro I had previously seen in Elk Grove actually told me he’d rather not work on me due to the spinal nerve issues, which were so apparent.)  

That day I called Capital Chiro and made a next day appointment with Dr. Jeri. I was fully equipped with an x-ray and an MRI scan in hand. We met and she gave me a full evaluation, along with her own x-rays that she took of me right in her office. I was impressed when she told me that over the weekend she would study both the MRI and the new x-rays she took and asked me to come back on Monday.

When I came back, she had a long counsel with me and explained very plainly to me the trouble that was going on in my neck and lower back. She said, “Mike you’re pretty messed up, but I do believe I can help you.”   I started seeing her everyday for about two weeks and then every other day for several months and I remember coming into her office one day in October ’05, and I was singing songs of praise as I described to both her and Beth how I could finally feel muscle soreness in my right bicep and I truly believed I was on the path for a full recovery. (Until that time, I could never feel that my right upper arm or shoulder were ever doing any work) 

I can now say that my strength level in my right side is 90% or better and that I am a “True Believer” in the practices of Capital Chiropractic.   Thanks again Dr. Jeri.” 

Mike Skaggs

“Doctors Told Me That Surgery Was The Only Way To Fix My Problem”

I was looking to find an alternative to back surgery after I injured myself at the gym. My doctors told me that surgery would be the only way to fix my problem. A week before the operation a friend recommended Dr. Jeri. I was skeptical at first, since I had already been to chiropractors and it only made the problem worse. I could feel the improvement after each visit. I went from hardly being able to walk to almost full recovery in a few months. The friendly staff at Capital Chiropractic make each visit enjoyable. I would recommend Dr. Jeri to anyone suffering from a spinal injury.

-Darrell Marcum

“Dr. Jeri Is The First To Truely Understand My Condition”

“About 5 years ago, I began to feel pain in my lower buttock. At the time, I was running 4 days a week and commuting 3-4 hours each day with a stick shift car. I thought I had pulled a muscle in my buttock, so I kept running and ignored it for a while. The pain gradually got worse, and finally it got so bad that I couldn’t walk without feeling excruciating pain. I was experiencing extreme nerve pain. I had to take a taxi home. I had an MRI done and discovered two bulging disks in my L4-L5 and L5-S1 area. Despite this information, no x-rays were done and the doctors could not figure out the source of the problem.  I went to a physical therapist at Kaiser for 6 months. I wore a brace and set my workstation up at work so that I could stand while working. It all helped, but the pain persisted.

I was depressed. I couldn’t exercise, and I was in constant pain. All I could do was get in the water and do some arm strokes. The pain kept me up at night. I walked slower than even the oldest person walking down the street. I thought I would never be able to do the things I love to do again, like mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, etc.

I’ve been to several doctors, MRI/Spine specialists, orthopedic surgeons, Non-Op doctors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists. Over the years, the pain would go away for a while, but it would always come back and prevent me being able to use my body in the way I normally do. During the times when I would be in pain, I would take ibuprofen all day and stand whenever I could.

A co-worker recommended Dr. Jeri Anderson. He’s a big mountain biker, and said that he no longer needs to go because he’s healed. I had always been afraid of chiropractors because I didn’t want anyone cracking my back or doing anything to my body that may make it worse. He said Dr. Jeri didn’t do that. So, I went, and not only was a treated very well, but I was put on a wellness plan so that I could afford the treatment since it isn’t covered under my insurance plan. The environment is nurturing and very positive. Dr. Jeri gave me x-rays right off the bat and diagnosed my problem as being primarily attributed to pelvic tilt, which most likely caused the bulging disks! I was so happy to finally understand what was going on in my body so that I could focus on healing and protecting it from happening again. 

Dr. Jeri is the first to truly understand my condition and begin to cure my chronic back pain. That alone, was a huge relief. Because of Dr. Anderson, I can mountain bike, ski, and do the sports I love to do, which I believed for a while that I would never be able to do again. Occasionally, I begin to feel the pain again, but it is never as bad as it used to be and it goes away within a day or two. Dr. Jeri has never cracked my back or done anything that I would be uncomfortable with. Her treatment technique for me is based on a highly-effective practice of adjusting, or aligning, the body each time I visit to help improve spinal movement and reduce nerve interference.  I trust her. She is truly skilled. I am a happier person now!” 

Alexa (For Security Reasons Full Name & Photo Omitted For This Patient)