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Children’s Health

Chiropractic is often so powerful in helping children get past early difficulties, and stay on track and healthy.  Starting chiropractic check-ups early builds the pathway to a life of wellness for the child by addressing potential problems before symptoms begin and develop into health challenges. 

Besides helping to keep healthy kids healthy, chiropractic has been shown to help a variety of children’s health conditions.  As a chiropractor, it is wonderful to be able to help so many Sacramento and Rancho Cordova area children get off to a great start in life!

-Dr. Jeri Anderson, Sacramento Chiropractor



No More Asthma, No Medication, No Inhaler!

I was born with collapsed lungs and have suffered with severe asthma since birth. I play soccer and basketball and my asthma constantly interfered with my ability to play.  I’ve been hospitalized several times. Doctors have had me on steroids for years and a combination of pills and inhalers.  I had asthma attacks weekly.  I missed school weekly, went from a 3.5 GPA to lower than 2.0 because I was so sick I could not keep up with my school work.

My grandmother saw a video at Capitol Chiropractic and talked to Dr. Jeri about if she thought it would help me.  I no longer am on any medication.  I haven’t had an asthma attack or used my inhaler in 4 months.  The doctor and staff at Capitol Chiropractic are always happy to see me!

-Miranda M.

Relief From Colic

“Two weeks after I was born, my Mom and I were rear-ended in our car.  My Mom began seeing Dr. Jeri for her pain.  I was one fussy baby and suffered from what my Mom said was colic.  My Mom was also suffering from my colic!  Dr. Jeri began adjusting us both.  Now we are as happy as can be and feeling great!”

Brennen K. 


 GERD Relieved

“My baby was suffering from Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (Similar to Acid Reflux). He couldn’t pass gas, he had a hard time, and would cry a lot. We tried changing formula, massaging his stomach, and exercising. We brought him into CapChiro because Mommy was coming in too. He experienced relief after his adjustments. Thank God for Dr. Jeri!”

Sharon H. for Robby H.

Patient Condition:

Well, my crawl kind of pulled to the right a bit.

How the pain affected my life:

I wasn’t really in pain but I sure kept my mom up a lot at night!

Previous Treatment:

I tried chewing on things, drooling, rolling, but nothing seemed to help.

How I ended up at Cap Chiro:

I have to go everywhere with my mom. She handed me to Dr. Jeri, who laid me on this comfy, padded thing. After a couple of tickles, I felt like a new man!

Results of my care:

Not only do I sleep at night, but also everyone can hardly keep up with me all day!!

Kai B. – Interpreted by Sam B.