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Migraine headache pain is the worst, and the vision loss from ocular migraines can be very frightening for people! Patients come to our office for chiropractic care from all over the Sacramento Valley, hoping that we can help them with their migraines.  As one patient’s husband put it, “I used to suffer from horrible headaches, not mine…. MY WIFES!”  Migraine headaches are often one of the easiest conditions for a chiropractor to resolve.

While we don’t promise results, it is not uncommon for a headache treated by chiropractic care to improve or disappear completely before the patient leaves our office.

-Dr. Jeri Anderson, Sacramento Chiropractor


“I Thought My Head Was Going To Explode”

Before I started seeing Dr. Jeri I would get migraines to the point I thought my head was going to explode.  My hands would go numb and I would get this excruciating pain up my arms.  I would have to leave work, putting my job on the line, because I couldn’t type or do anything due to the pain.I went to my medical doctor and was sent to a neurosurgeon.  I had an MRI and EMG tests.  The neurosurgeon wanted to do surgery on my neck and my wrist.  My father told me to take my test results to Dr. Jeri and get a consultation before having surgery.  Dr. Jeri explained what was wrong and how chiropractic could take care of my problem.  She started adjusting me and had me begin using a special type of traction at home.  I have no more migraines, no more numb hands, and no more pain in my arms.  I feel so much better and I’m glad that I didn’t let the surgeon cut me up.  Dr. Jeri has made such a difference in my everyday function.  Due to my ability to physically do more, I have even lost weight! 

Debbie Myers

Childhood Migraines Solved 

At the age of two, my son Jake began complaining that his head hurt. By the time he was five, he had graced the halls of many doctor’s offices. He was poked, prodded, CAT-scanned and put on medications — Nothing worked. They said Jake suffered from migraines that could possibly follow him into adulthood. Jake cried. I cried. How could I “fix” my baby? I turned to a different approach and investigated teas, natural medicines and massage which offered some relief; but not enough. His agonizing migraines left him nauseous, tired and in pain. The pain eventually followed him from home into the classroom. He missed countless days of class — not to mention the numerous times I would have to pick him up from school early. My frustration peeked, and during a conversation I told my friend jokingly I was going to look into acupuncture for Jake — what else was left? She suggested that I try chiropractic care…I laughed…I thought…I tried. After being under the amazing care of Dr. Jeri Anderson for 4 months, Jake is virtually migraine free. His most recent report card showed zero absences. He plays better…he sleeps better…he eats better…he feels better — we feel better. 

Jennifer V. for Jake V.

Chiropractic Care Worked!

I had super migraines for months before coming to Capitol Chiropractic. I had suffered migraines off and on for 4 years.  I was in survivial mode only and not thriving at all. I could not sleep or socialize due to the pain. I tried ibuprofen and acetominophen, etc., but none worked all the way. Since beginning my chiropractic care, I am more healthy, more hopeful, seeing clearer, more alert, awake in life and observing more! I like the warmth and positive atmosphere at Capitol Chiropractic, and the fact that chiropractic care worked!

Sara B.