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Sciatica is best explained as sciatic nerve compression. The major causes of sciatic nerve pain include misaligned vertebra in the lower back, herniated disc, bulging disc or slipped discs, pregnancy and the childbirth process, or muscle spasms. Chiropractic care is fantastic for treating sciatic pain. I know firsthand, because terrible sciatia and low back pain is what brought me to my first chiropractor. Those first chiropractic adjustments all those years ago changed my life! Now my life is dedicated to changing and improving the lives of others!

-Dr. Jeri Anderson, Sacramento Chiropractor



“I Thought The Only Way I Would Be Pain Free Was To Have Surgery”

I started getting low back pain around 9/2007. The pain was bearable until 3 months ago.  The pain started to radiate down my left hip, then leg and eventually to my toes. The pain was excruciating.  A friend recommended Dr. Jeri and now I am almost pain free!  I thought the only way I would be pain free was to have surgery. The pain got to a point where I could not walk my dog more than 10 feet before I had to stop and return home.  At work, I had co-workers going to get copies of documents, pick up mail or anything that required walking more than 10 feet.  I cannot take pain medications and was considering an epidural to alleviate the pain.  I decided to give Dr. Jeri a try prior to undergoing an invasive procedure.  I am now 90% without pain.  I can walk and stand for long periods of time.  I am in a happy mood now that I am almost pain free.  My co-workers have noticed a difference in my mood since I began treatment with Dr. Jeri.  The staff at Capitol Chiropractic is very friendly and courteous and the hours are very convenient with my work schedule. 

Sandra S. 

No More Sciatic Nerve Pain!

“I had terrible low back pain with shooting pains down my legs.  I also had headaches.  It was such terrible pain that it affected my daily activities such as not being able to go for walks or pick up groceries.  My daughter insisted that I see Dr. Jeri.  Now I feel great!   I walk without pain and have no headaches.  Dr. Jeri is the absolute best chiropractor I have ever been to in my lifetime.”

Sally Lowry