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As chiropractors we see a variety of scoliosis conditions. The most common is the youth with early scoliosis. This is followed by older patients with chronic pain caused by scoliosis.

Often we are able to help our youngsters avoid surgery or braces by a focused course of chiropractic care. Adults however pose a different challenge. With adult scoliosis pain, we use chiropractic to gently restore balance and gradually reduce the pain.

-Dr. Jeri Anderson, Chiropractor Sacramento

“I was referred to Capital Chiropractic by my mom, who knew how much my back and side would hurt. I was always in pain and grew to live with it.  With being in pain and not having my back straight, I didn’t feel that comfortable in public and when wearing certain clothes. I thought I looked weird.  Painkillers never worked for me. I thought I was always going to be like this. As for how I looked, I wore certain clothes that would hide my imperfections.  After I saw Dr. Jeri, I finally had less pain and felt “straighter”. And since I have congestive heart failure, I can’t afford to get sick. Since I’ve been coming here, I haven’t had any colds, where normally I would have had at least 4 or 5 by now. Thank you!” 

Jennifer Hutchison