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The Dangers of Taking Osteoporosis Drugs

If you are taking drugs for osteoporosis, please read this and read the attached links and watch the attached videos. Your health, and perhaps life, depend on it.

Fosamax has been linked to increased fractures. Go figure. Osteoporosis is a health condition that is linked strongly to diet and lifestyle, meaning that you can prevent it without taking drugs. Excellent marketing by drug companies has made the Amercian public believe that you can just take a pill, or go to the doctor for an I.V., to get rid of it. Not so.

Imagine taking a drug to prevent osteoporosis for years and then walking down a street and spontaneously fracturing your femur badly. Turns out that these types of drugs lay down poor quality bone that can lead to fractures later. Really nasty fractures. Please watch this important news video.

Spontaneous fractures are not the only dangers that may occur with osteoporosis drugs. Sacramento Chiropractor, Dr. Jeri Anderson discusses some of the risks of taking osteoporosis medications in this video:

Here is an excellent article about The Delusion of Bone Drugs.

This book is a must read. The chapter on osteoporosis drugs tells the whole story about the deceptive marketing of these drugs. You’ll also learn how drugs companies distort facts and hose the public into believing that they need other useless, and perhaps even dangerous drugs:

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