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Upper Back Subluxations May Correlate To Heart Problems

Perhaps its time to take a closer look at spinal subluxations. An interesting study in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association demonstrated that 43% of heart patients have bone spurs in the upper back.

Chiropractors have always known that subluxations of the vertebra of the spine affect the nerves as they exit the spine, thereby creating disease in the tissue and organs that are feed by the impinged nerves. Not suprisingly, the nerves from the upper back go to the heart.

The results of this study indicate the same thing as a study done in 1921 by Dr. Henry Windsor: Problems in the spine create disease in human organs. Dr. Windsor concluded that spine misalignments (subluxations) irritate the nerves that control blood vessels to the organs. The irritated sympathetic nerves cause the blood vessels to constrict thereby decreasing blood flow to the organs. The reduced blood flow to the organs over time created disease.

These subluxation areas of the spine also create loss of movement in the spine, creating stiffening of the spine and bone spurs (degeneration) over time. Thus, spinal subluxations create bone spurs that correlate to heart problems. Wow!

Imagine the implications of this news, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and one of the most costly conditions to our healthcare system.  Not to mention a major cause of time loss, work productivity and lost quality of life!

The truth of the matter is that it takes years to develop heart disease, yet most of the time heart disease is not discovered until considerble tissue damage has occured on a cellular level.  Why wait for symptoms? Why not be proactive and develop the great health habits included in the chiropractic lifestyle, like chiropractic care for spinal subluxationns, a healthy diet and exercise?

Bottom Line: Stop waiting for symptoms, get your spine checked regularly by a chiropractor for spinal subluxations to prevent disease. Take heart disease for example: Ignoring your spine may be slowly killing you!

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